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Where can i find blogs about bears gay with photos and videos?
yahoo groups can first help me and i want to find groups intersting about gay bears or muscle men or gay netmeeting or adult free sites or encounters within men to men.
Check out these sites to find bears:

For pictures :

For videos :
How it's to be gay in United States, UK, and west?
hi look I'm in multan, pakistan i'm a 17 near 18 year old boy and gay, and it's much of conservative but by a man i contacted in downtown i got a gay magazine with photos of west men and gays in America and other parts of west. It's so nice and free, how it's for gays there i mean to have boyfriend how it's your families so open

so nice
Well, in America there's still a struggle. There are a lot of areas that arent so accepting of the whole homosexual community. However, I live in Massachusetts, and for the most part, I've seen the majority of people find it acceptable.

Really, I think our generation (I'm an 18 year old myself) is more or less in acceptance, and it's the older generation that's more against it. (For the most part, of course!)

So in the future, I think things will only get better. But it's not perfect here, either. Only a few states allow gay marriage. I'm proud to say I live in one of those few states.

As for the UK, I don't know what it's like for gays there. But I've been told by friends from there that gay marriage is legal. Or, in England at least. I haven''t heard any discriminating stories toward gays in the UK, but I'm sure it's happened and I just haven't heard about it because I don't live there.
Where can I find good, free, stock photography for commercial use on greeting cards (sold online)?
Specifically wedding related photos - bridesmaids, gay weddings.... cool stuff I can use to make cards with. Thanks
Be sure to check the licenses and permissions at each stock site.

Here is where you can find some inexpensive stock photo directories:…

Are There Any Free Photo Editing Programs Generic To PhotoShop Cs?


Try GIMP (google it).

It has no sexual orientation whatsoever so since you are homophobic, you'll be okay with it.
What's a good site to share photos?
I'm writing fanfiction and I need at site that will let me upload photos related to my stories. It can't be photobucket because it won't let me sign up for some gay reason. Is there a free one that is easy to use that anybody can see the photos? Thanx

you'll have to set your profile to public so that people can see your photos, but it's a free and easy website to use!
How i can download photo shop for free from which website and how i can open it and use it?
hi i want to do some work on the photo shop so can you gays help me to download it for free and say
to me how to open it but i know how to use it but some times i download some stuff but i cant open it........thank you very much gays
Photoshop is a commercial program, so you have to pay for it.  If you want a freeware alternative, then check out The GIMP, which is a genuinely free, open source image editor with many functions similar to Photoshop.  To open it, you download it, install it, and then click its icon.
Middle east :what does everyone think about a gay parade in the Holy Land?
june 11,2010 tel aviv will host its annual gay parade. i have seen photos and stuff..and it really disturbes me that this type of activity is happening in the Holy Land. and its not just a fun for all just of gays, its transgendered and cross dressers.
yes i understand that there are gay people everywhere...(i have a gay aunt, and even though i dont approve of her lifestyle i love her....hate the sin, love the sinner)

am i way to conservative or does this bother other people that this type of activity is like a free for all party in most relgious place?

heres a link i found just to show what i'm talking about,…
HELL NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! I'm like so angry right now. How could those jews be doing this in the Holy Land. Of course I don't agree. This is just an act to show people how much of a "democracy" they are and a way to bring in more money.
I'm trying to find a free online photo editor...HELP?!?!!?
i've tried the one's from like Photobucket.
their editor.
and like Fotoflexer
which power's it.

they run way to slow.

I want to like fix my blemish's
add effects like color tone.
add text and stickers.

my mom wont let me buy it. [gay]


Delilah x!
This Website is great i do all my myspace pictures here!
ok to keep it short - ish....

the guy i like likes me back - he has liked me before i liked him
he stares at me all the time - i mean doesnt take his eyes of me unless i look at him and he turns away fast or unless someone is talking to him - he has been doing this for a 1 and 1/2.. he has also taking numerous photos of me on his phone when he thought i wasnt looking, mentions me all the time - does weird things to get a glimpse at me(like putting his hands over his face and peeping at me through his fingers - dont ask) he has no mental illnesses or disabilities accept dyslexia

he has social anxiety also but very minor..
anyways after about 8 months of him staring at me we became friends and flirted alot and he would even wait for me after college and run to catch up with me (were in college btw)
so i told him i liked him in a msg and he didnt write back so i txt him again saying i wont txt him anymore and sorry then he said no its fine we can be friends but i like girls - but then he started avoiding me in college but he would text me all the itme outside college

anyways he stared at me again for another 2 months before i said it to him again but this time i told him he looks sexy and more compliments and he got a bit angry and we had a row

now he stares at me from a distance again but isnt replying to my texts and now is ignoring me but the starring has gotten more worse
i never showed him any attention (i dont know why, i just cant stare at him dont know why)
what is wrong with him - what will i do?

please help - feel free to email me for more details i would appreciate it if someone did or if someone could help
thank you

im in the closet aswell btw

i have never ever paid him any attention - even when i was texting him. when i would see him in person i would pretend not to notice him - EVER .. i never stared at him - and he always stared at me = ALWAYS

i would never ever ever pay him any attention (I dont know why, i just couldnt) and then when we went home i would text him

do you think he thinks im messing with his head

i feel like i have embarressed myself enough textin him and saying i like him - but should i let him catch me staring at him or would i be embarressing myself further

anyways - he has a really low self esteem and social anxiety = PLEASE HELP

anyways there is a really pretty girl who likes him and he flirts with her but when she asked him out he rejectd. when she asked him for his number he said 'i will give it to you tomorow'

was he nearly ready to accept he was gay until i rushed it AND ruined it?
I think that he is interested but just afraid to cross that line.

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