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All Comments

Who is that fat woman in those internet pics?
the really fat one wearing the red bikini sitting at some outdoor table with her back to the camera. Where did that come from?
I know the exact picture you are talking about.
No, it's not me.
And nobody probably knows who she really is unless they're a friend or relative of hers.
Why do fat women on put up fake pics of themselves online,then get mad when your reject them in person ?
I meet this foxy lady on facebook and we clicked we talked for 2 months,then I decided to meet her ,she was not who she was in here pic,she was close to 300 pounds,she then joked and said oh I have put on a few pounds.I never called her back and ditched her,at the restaurant ( go figure she wanted a restaurant) she sent me angry texts and said you men are all the same,hello hunny you lied
I agree 100% and I did the exact same thing once.

Honestly,from a romantic perspective I will not date a fat girl. However I would have drinks or dinner with one just as friends but ONLY if she was truthful about her weight in the first place.

A girl lying to me is a dealbreaker. You had EVERY right to walk away from her and don't sweat the opinions of those who want to dictate to you what you should and should not like in YOUR life.
Why dont most women put pics on thier profile?
Why dont you ladys put your pic online? Is it because you are fat? I personaly respect even fat women who are at least upfront. Not that I would want to talk to them. LoL just guying.
We are afraid that people will find us through the Internet and rape, bully or just abuse us. There are many cases worldwide, stating that many women were killed, raped, injured, etc. because they put their personal information and/or photo to the Internet.
A warning: photos AND personal information can take your life. Even if they don't take your life, it may make you depressed to death.
Which models of salwar suits or chudidars suit for short and fat women which makes them look slimmer?
please help me out..where on net can i find some models with pics of them
Wear close neck,short sleeves and some designs running vertically in the middle of the dress and any dark color (like dark green,violet,dark blue,indigo,brown and black)running side ways and back.
check out this for some ideas.
Where can i find pics of women's long feet on the web?
no fat women please!
foot fetish??
Why do fat/ugly young women put more pictures of their guys than themselves on Facebook?
Its comical to me, all I have to do is just stumble around Facebook and every chubby girl I find, they hardly have any pics up of themselves, but tons with their guys, dogs, whatever, if they can't be themselves, why be on a website like Facebook?
i also find it quite comical as well,except i think its funny when rude disgusting men make ignorant comments like that and dont have the nerve to use there real name and a cartoon picture so noone knows who they are!!! life sure is funny sometimes.
isnt that right LINCHPIN
actually i have a boxer and a black lab. and yes my profile is full of pics of them and none of me. guess you have all us "fatties" figured out.id sure like to see you so i could see why you are so high and mighty.im sure you are just a low life loser with nothing else to do but put people down so you can feel better. hope it works!!!!
Fat Girls, my so called no life, and their profile pics?
I put the question out. Why can't fat women wash? I got aa lot of people saying I dont have a life. I admit I dont, but good god, it's 4 am here, and in california its 12 midnight so none of you girls have any room to talk, especially the ones I've seen their profile pics of (men, they would dwarf a Cadillac) It dont change the fact "ladies" (and that is a laugh), that you stink, and most people who get around you do so to get high. They get high while being intoxicated by your rotting potato-unwiped completely(because you can't do it)-stinking 3 day old dead fish smelling twats.
It's gonna be okay hairy dude. Your question seemed obviously angry, and people just tend to get angry and insulted. You can understand! Just ask yourself, WWHPD?
Are fat women sexy? BBW?
Have you seen Mika's video for his new song "Big Girl You Are Beautiful"? What do you think of those fat women dressed in corsets in the video - are they sexy or not?

If you find big women such as those in the video unsexy then please say why, and why is it that you feel skinny bony women are sexy? Is it because you prefer boys, because 'straight up and down' women are like boys?

I'm a BBW nude model with pics on Flickr and I have many fans, so I know lots of men prefer large ladies - do you think this trend will increase as the population gets fatter, or will the novelty of skinny women make men more attracted to them? I'm losing weight, because I want to see what I'll look like, but wonder if men will still fancy me.

Finally... who would you rather have sex with a size 0 model or a big girl from an Evans clothes advert?
I'm a female artist and writer in the UK working on a project about fat women (BBW) in art and eroticism. I have a gallery of over 250 pics on Flickr, where I also have an extensive profile about the project and its motivations. I've discovered via the project that many men are very attracted to BBWs and my project has helped me and other fat women very much to accept their body image as one that isn't ugly except to the media, and that we can still be aesthetically and erotically pleasing even though we're big, and that we as fat women should stop taking to heart the cruel comments of men/women who don't like us, because they're not worth it as people, and we should find the beauty in our own body and be content with that.

I fully recommend that fatties take pics of their own nakedness to see themselves as others would if they saw you nude - it is NOT as bad as you imagine, and everyone that's done it has been very surprised that they look tons better than they imagined - it's our imagination of ourselves that causes women problems!

Men who genuinely like BBWs are really nice guys to know - they appreciate your mounds and folds and appreciate you for who you are - so much better than other ordinary critical guys!
Who has seen recent pics shiloh jolie-pitt? i think she is a fat blob!?
she is disgusting and she looks like this reatrded fat women i knew..
haha that's funny! can you post a pic of her? i have only seen the pics of when she was a newborn
I don't know why everyone was making such a big deal out of her...it's just a baby! lol
Husband downloaded pics of women should I try to look like them?
I have been married for 15 years. My husband is a good man and takes good care of his family. Recently he downloaded pics of beautiful sexy women and even commented that he sees why Ice "T" is married to CoCo. In other words how fine she is. He has never done that before. I started feeling really bad because I am not very pretty and my body does not look like theirs (overweight). I started eating salad and drinking water and when he found out he was mad. He said they are just pics and does not want me to look like that. Said I should not do that and he was not sending me a message. What else could it have been he has never done that before. He became upset and said I was just insecure. That the flesh does not tempt him. If so why download these pics and make such a comment? I feel I cannot trust him and don't want him to see me nude because compared to them I am a fat cow and ugly. Will he one day cheat? Please give advice.
guys just like looking at sexy pics. you should not take it as an insult you should be happy and glad you have a husband who doesn't want you to change. if he tells you he loves then he really does. and if he really wants someone else i dont' think he would be with you for 15 years now. be yourself and i'm sure you'll find to be comfortable around him again (every women is beautiful in her own skin)

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