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Where to buy a teen girl bathing suit?
Ok so i am 14 but completly flat chested and most of juniors bathing suit have chest padding and it looks really aquweird on me- btw i want a tankine but will settle for a 1 piece- and i like need to know where to buy a juniors bathing suit that wont look to wierd on me, any ideas???
I know it might be really cheap, TARGET or WALMART really have good ones. ALSO JCPENNY AND MACY's
Teen girl bathing suit shorts?
What stores sell bathing suits that coem with swim short...Ex: Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, Pacsun, Abercrombie...things like that. Or any other kind of stores.

I'm looking for a new bathing suit and I like the style with the shorts!

Here's some bikini's and some tankini's…
(top)… (bottom)…

here's just a lot of shorts…

This link kinda shows you what the short(above) go with they are mostly one the 1st and 3rd page but there is one or two on the 4th…
Bathing suit for teen girl?
So like,
I'm a teen and i need a padded swimsuit.
i dont want any plain colors, i like floral and stuff.
It can be anything just not a one piece.
would hollister fit me? im 13.
yah hollister is fine for a 13 year old. cool. um here r some other sites u might also like with what you are looking for:


Teen Girl bathing suits, where to get them?
Where can a twelve year old girl get a bathing suit, preferably board shorts at a cheap-is price?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I'm desparate, summer is coming!!!
old navy, target, american eagle, aeropostale, kohls, jc penny, pacsun.

it all depends on your budget and style.

pacsun has the cutest, but they're the most expensive. the nest bathing suits at a reasonable price is target!
Where can a "bigger" teen age girl find a flattering bathing suit?
I've been looking around for awhile now, and I can't seem to find anything I like! I have looked at and although they are cute, I'm not sure if they look too old lady for my age or not.
Lane Bryant
Here are some of their swim suits:…

I was checking it out and it might be a little expensive but it will fit comfortably on you and last a long time.

Deb's also has a plus size section that is quite big.
Here are some of their picks:…
It is a lot cheaper but I am not sure of the quality.
One-piece bathing suits for little girl or teen girl?
I was just reading a Parenting question answer where a mom said her little girls always wear one pieces and can wear two pieces when they're teenagers.

I would think you would encourage an older girl to cover up, while a little girl could innocently wear a two-piece.

Which way do you guys see it?
Well, I agree with you but I think that they should be wearing a one piece no matter WHAT age they are. If you let them wear bikinis when they are little then they will want to wear it when they're older too. I think one pieces are better because they cover up more, the can't come untied or fall off, they are more comfortable because you know it won't come off when they swim and its more modest. But, I do think that girls 4 and under can wear 2 pieces because its just so cute when they have all their chub! But I think that its okay for them to wear tankinis when their older because they are cute, and easier to get on and go to the bathroom because its like a one piece but its cut off at the waist and some have backs showing and some don't, but I think bikinis ARE cute and sometimes exceptable if they don't show off too much and they fit well.
Where can I get a cute one piece bathing suit for a skinny teen age girl?
I am going to a christian camp this summer and I need a cute, affordable one piece swimsuit. I am going to be a sophomore in high school next year so I don't want to look like a little guy but it still has to be modest. I am pretty thin and I have a small chest so I want the bathing suit to be straight cut. I have looked everywhere! I got one from Delias but I need another one! It needs to be less than $100 too. Please help me!
the most fashion bikinis with the reasonable price are hot sale on this website,check… .reliable online stores with a wide range of designer products.
How many bathing suits should an average teen girl have?
I think 5, but unfortunantly my mom is cheap, but we have money? So she wil only buy me 3. & i think thats ridiculous. One is my tanning bathing suit, the other is wayyy to big! so i really only have one! :( I tell her that i need more, but she wants proof that there should be more....Help?
i have 7 and im 15 :)
Bathing suits for teen girls?!?
Well.. i need bathing suits. Cute bikinis. Where are some good stores/websites that I can find some that are cute, like aerie/ae. And around that price range, like $20-30 but preferably under 20.
macys, jcpenney, kohls, pacsun

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